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Building a brand around the promise that transcends what they do.

We worked with Springtide over the past two years to express their vision through branding. Springtide had started in marketing and sales, they pivoted into a VC firm, without losing their vision or credibility.


When we first built their brand, they were launching as a marketing and sales agency. As they pitched their services, they learned that the key barrier to scaling medtech companies is having sufficient funding to go to market and sell their products through.


Startups pivoting is as predictable as the sun rising from the east. However, not all startups pivot with the intent to continue to fulfill their vision and mission. Springtide pivoted so that they can better fulfill their promise to bring breakthrough technology to the masses.


The brand didn’t have to change, because they were not changing who their core mission, only how the planned to achieve it. We were able to retain the visual and verbal identity that we have developed and simply shifted to selling a different set of services. 



Capturing the disruptive ethos through design.

Through his previous experience, the founder was convinced that medtech startups were ill equipped to be successful in marketing and sales, which hindes their growth. Our branding process started with understanding his vision and the impact he and his business hopes to create. For Springtide, it was to help breakthrough innovations find an audience and build traction.

The name is a nod to the power that come when the stars and moon align. Springtide’s vision is to become a force that helps bring lifesaving technologies to the masses at a reasonable price.

The visual brand is simple and direct, reflecting the spirit of entrepreneurship. The straightforward logotype is lifted up by tide of sea green. The illustrations build on the nautical theme inspired by the name.



Pivoting without loosing the soul of the brand.

The brand and website that we originally designed and built to tell the story of the supporting their marketing and sales services they provide to MedTech startups. Like many of the startups they serve, Springtide iterated to find product-market fit, and eventually found their stride in making direct investments and help their clients find market traction.

Although it is a new service, and a completely different business model, they kept the soul of the brand and continue to towards their vision of bringing breakthrough innovations to the underserved populations.



Telling compelling stories.

As Sprigntide’s communication partner, we work with them to design and deliver content for different events and audiences. In the process we help align the messages with the brand vision and identity.



Brand Strategy & Positioning
Brand Identity & Naming
Communications Strategy
Experience & Environmental Design
Web Design



Tino Chow / Brand Strategy
Lauren Sun / Brand Identity Design
Wing Chi / Graphic Design
Evan Crockett / Copy
Blueflash / Videography
Mike Valdes / Project Management


“The brand that Giant Shoulders built helped us to maximize our credibility as we brought our company and vision to the market.”

– Austin Walters, Founder of Springtide