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Rebranding an architecture firm to leave a legacy bigger than the founder.

We worked with the founder to develop a brand strategy and identity that moved the firm beyond his name and personality to embed his vision and values into the organization’s culture and image.


Over a past decade, the founder had grown his architecture firm from a solo practice to a team of designers, project managers, and staff. Like many of his contemporaries, his firm bore his name. However, he wanted to leave a legacy that embodies the firm’s values rather than embellish his ego.



Updating an old brand cannot be successful without the passionate ownership of the renewed vision and identity by the staff. To successfully help the founder make this brand transition, we needed to involve the team in the rebranding process so that they had a personal stake in the vision.



The design process ran much deeper than developing a brand identity – it challenged the founder to realign his business and management practices in order to truly live out the vision and promise of the brand.



From brainstorm to owning it.

Branding is personal. Choosing a name is even more so. We had to get it right. We did that by taking a few steps back and defined the brand’s core promise and values. By understanding who the brand is, we can match it with a name that not just sounds right, but feels right. We brought rigor and process to help the founder focus and find the precise words for a name that reflected his vision, promise, and values. 



Looking different helps make the point that you are different.

The vision of the founder was to build a company that was bigger than himself, a company that is driven by values and not by personalities. They want to be known by how they empower clients and employees. Signal Works is not like most architecture firms, and saying it wasn’t enough.

We presented the client with a choice between an experienced designer in corporate branding or a rap album cover designer to lead the visual rebranding. With a clear strategy and purpose, picking the unconventional was the obvious choice.



Being different is easy, staying different is a lot harder.

We measure success in how passionately our clients come to own their brands. That goes beyond making a beautiful logo, clever copy, great photography, or simple website. Ownership can only be developed over time, which is why we developed a brand playbook for Signal Works to help everyone to make on-brand decisions regardless of their role and position.

Internal Brand Culture Playbook

Internal Brand Culture Playbook



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Tino Chow / Brand Strategy
David Barnum / Brand Strategy & Voice
Denn / Brand Identity Design
Mike Valdes / Project Management


Giant Shoulders not only built us a brand that clarified our message for our customers, they delivered a brand system that connected that external message to our internal organization – realigning the company from strategic vision, leadership structure, marketing, and teams.

– Eric Army, Founder of Signal Works