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Helping Growthlab build relationships with future clients, today.

We relaunched GrowthLab’s website to reflect their current offerings and clarify their commitment to propel growth for entrepreneurs and startups.




GrowthLab last updated their website 5 years ago and have since added new services. They have grown organically but are clarifying their client personas in order to build a direct channel to market, communicate, and build relationships with them.


Not many personality led businesses are scalable. To help GrowthLab grow, we needed to reframe the job of the website in the context of their digital footprint to help like-minded people find them and get to know them, as if they were referred by a trusted friend.


A website that reflects a company that effortlessly understands who you are. We achieved that by focusing on telling the stories that resonate with the GrowthLab potential partners.



Guiding the audience through the journey that resonates with them.

GrowthLab works with growing businesses to help them get to the next level, however, not all companies and entrepreneurs face the same challenges. As we drove customers to the website, we needed to help the different audiences feel understood and explore the different story lines – like a professional version of ‘choose your own adventure’.



Developing personas that resonate.

Meeting customers where they are is at the core of delivering great brand and user experience. We needed to understand how GrowthLab’s customers look for answers when they face adversity, so that we could deliver the right content, in the right tone of voice, and in the right medium. 

The website is at the core of this strategy and by creating a customer journey map, we gained insight on how to best optimize the content so that it feels natural, empathetic, and impactful. The website isn’t just a destination, it helps move customers on the path of getting to know Growthlab.



Communications Strategy
Web Design


Tino Chow / Strategy
Shannon Colon / UI/UX Design
PixelParade / Web Development
Mike Valdes / Project Management


“Giant Shoulders built us more than just a website. They sat with us, listened, and understood us. Throughout their process, they were not afraid to push back on our ideas and challenged us to rethink some of our strategies. By doing so, improved our messaging and resulted in a more effective website.”

– Korey Cournoyer, Manager of Strategic Growth of GrowthLab