Failure x Design: Reframing Failure



Thursday August 30 at 5:30pm

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Sprout CoWorking

166 Valley Street
bldg 6M, ste 103
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"I am deeply embarrassed by the logo I designed, but it was a huge commercial success, is that a failure?" – Jess Croft, Hasbro 

Being honest about failure is an incredibly difficult thing to do, especially when we can only look at it from our perspective. At our inaugural Failure x Design event we invited five seasoned designers to help us unpack what failure looks like in their own careers, what they have learned, and how they have overcome it.

We believe that the mark of a good designer is one who fails often. We live by the 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration rule – we often have to work through a ton of bad ideas to get to the few good ones.Therefore, navigating failure is a crucial component to being a good designer.

We heard from Greg Nemes, Mark Bevington, Jess Croft, Dan Stebbings, and Caroline Payson last Thursday. Our panelists and audience brought up interesting topics:

  1. How do we deal with potential clients who ask for completed ideas before agreeing to work together?

  2. Do you need to be a believer in the product you are paid to market?

  3. What role does your ego play in the work you do with clients?

  4. How do clients give better feedback?

  5. Can something be successful even if you 'failed' from a designer's perspective?

Join us for our next conversation as we dive even deeper into how we perceive failure, and how it impacts our work and relationships.

Tino Chow