How Designers Really Feel


"Crafting creative conversations that curate cultures of collaborative context."

But first, coffee.

We creatives are an interesting breed. Our desire to make beautiful things that people love inevitably leads to a lot of existential crises. 

From unfathomable numbers of revisions to hovering art directors to the never-ending quest for the ultimate font, our path is one of epic battles and hard-fought glory. With great power comes great responsibility, so choose your fonts wisely.


Unfathomable numbers of Revisions

Revisions are our daily bread. Dating back to the time of Charlemagne, all the great artists have been plagued by the perpetual phrase, "Ok, this is seriously the last version."

Comic by Nathan W. Pyle

Hovering Art Directors

Ah, the passive aggressive hand of the control freak. It can belong to anyone: a coworker, a hovering art director, a client, our mom. We've all fallen victim to this hand, and we've probably all been guilty of being this hand.

Comic by Nadine Redlich


Never Ending Work

The first step to healing from design-induced mania is acceptance. If your work isn't driving you into regular therapy, you don't care enough.

(Not really. Find some work-life balance, man!)

Comic by Seth Roberts & Brian Hawes

Mariah M. Mears