How Designers Feel


Design is a world with very few dull moments. (Unless of course you're cutting out trees in Photoshop.) Designers are problem solvers, and the problems to be solved can range widely - from choosing just the right shade of lavender to writing a slogan that will, finally and definitively, end world hunger.

We love our jobs. But that doesn't mean the work is glamorous, the hours are reasonable, or that we don't hate Wednesdays as much as everyone else. Here's a little taste of how we really feel:

"Design is like spelling. It mattress more than you think."

Sleep is important?

The first few moments embarking on a new project are euphoric...and it's pretty much a downward slope from there. Creativity is a muscle, not a muse. And if you want to build muscle, you're gonna have to sweat.

Stolen from Austin Kleon, who stole it from Maureen McHugh.

Often times clients hire designers because they believe that we can solve their problems, when in reality they are the ones who know the answers. Our role involves illuminating the pathway to the right solution. 

(Generally through reiterations that sound a lot like "Is this your card? No? Is this your card?")


You've probably heard this one. This statement is true insofar as any company with a website should be ever-evolving, thus creating a constant need to update content online. This philosophy may not be applied, however, to deadlines and payments. In that case, it's done when its done.

We mainly chose this because The Office is, like, the greatest.  

Mariah M. Mears