Launching Failure x Design Event

Thursday July, 26 at 5:30pm

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Sprout CoWorking

166 Valley Street
bldg 6M, ste 103
Providence, RI 02909

The mark of a good designer is one who fails often. Hear from local veteran designers as they discuss their favorite failed projects. Explore challenges, share wisdom, and find encouragement with a community of designers who also fail.

Why we started Failure x Design

Navigating failure is a crucial component to be a good designer. We are partnering with local designers as they share insights from past failed projects and model how to give & receive productive feedback from their peers. 

Our Format

We’ll hear from 4-5 speakers for 15 minutes each. Presentations consist of a 5-minute project overview and 10-minute panel discussion, during which fellow designers will explore why and how the project went wrong, and how it could’ve gone better.


Greg Nemes, Co-Founder, CEO of Work-Shop Design Studio

Caroline Payson, Executive Director of Providence Children's Museum

Dan Stebbings, Creative Director/Partner of Stebbings Partners

Mark Bevington, President and Director of Purpose of Ninedot

Mariah M. Mears