How brand values can power business valuation

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By aligning what you say with what you do, you strengthen your operational effectiveness, brand reputation, and ultimately, business valuation.


Brand... what the heck is it anyway?

First, let's agree that it is NOT a logo, a PMS color, or a tagline. Although those are essential brand expressions, they are the proverbial tip of the iceberg. In our brand maturity model (and in models created by other firms) these external representations, along with other communications vehicles, are precisely that, representations of your organization's INTERNAL values, culture, methodologies, and operational style.

Defining, understanding, and investing in these "below the surface" elements are critical to creating and sustaining a robust enterprise whose value exceeds its tangible assets and cash flow. You know, that multiplier you want whether your raising additional capital, positioning for an acquisition, or gearing up for an IPO.

As part of our brand maturity workshops, we use a variety of exercises to help leadership teams define shared goals, clarify a core promise, and identify the attitudes that are fundamental to building an internal cultural movement. With a clear sense of purpose and values, teams make "on-brand decisions" at every level of the organization, building the kind of inner strength and authenticity that can't be created through a slick campaign or short-term promotion.


Clarity delivers competitive advantage

A clear brand promise and a strong, authentic internal culture helps improve your competitive advantage and business valuation by:

  • Improving marketing efficiency and effectiveness

  • Enhancing perceived quality

  • Strengthening brand loyalty

  • Increasing margins

  • Opening opportunity for line extensions

  • Fostering on-brand, collaborative decision making

Of course, it's not "all about you'" it's about how you can positively impact the lives of your customers. You know the folks that have a big say in the value of your business. With greater clarity and a sense of purpose, you provide higher value to your customer by:

  • Making purchase evaluation easier

  • Improving purchasing confidence

  • Lifting post-purchase satisfaction


Aligning values drives higher valuation

By aligning what you say (external expression) with what you do (internal values and culture), you are strengthening your operational effectiveness, brand reputation, and ultimately, business valuation.

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