The Story of the Giant Shoulders Name

See Further.

Tomorrow will be built on creativity and collaboration. For individuals and organizations, the ability to adapt to this shift and adopt new behaviors will determine who flourishes and who falls.

For us, it’s about new ways of seeing, thinking and making. Helping ambitious leaders to see further—explore beyond known boundaries and seek new horizons. To focus on purpose beyond profit. And help people help themselves.

We are a committed collective of individual thinkers and makers striving to create new models, new ways of working, and new rules of engagement. Against legacy systems and siloed design practices, we’re for collaboration and brutal honesty. We build on our collective strength to tackle today’s toughest challenges. To go further. Together.

Our name is a manifestation of how we’ve come to where we are. And who we aspire to be.  

We are Giant Shoulders.

Tino Chow