Building a Map to Lasting Customer Relationships

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Great user experience aligns company beliefs with consumer values to build lasting relationships.


The experience of a consumer is a sum the physical product, the digital interface, your marketing, the customer service and even the place where they purchase the product. As consumers, we do not compartmentalize and evaluate each experience independent of the other. Together these experiences define our impression of the brand and company.

At Giant Shoulders we believe that good user experience gets users to do what we want them to do, while great user experience aligns company beliefs with consumer values. 

To be able to develop successful experiences, we have to look at the product offerings, brand, and customer interactions as a system. Journey mapping is a critical tool in our process where we step into the shoes of customers and stakeholders in the ecosystem to understand how they make decisions and interact with one another. We compile these insights into a journey in order to develop cohesive strategies that can be applied to the product, customer interactions, and overall experience.

Journey mapping is a human-centered approach, where we create a path for customers to discover your brand, join your community, and eventually become an advocate of your brand. Every journey has its ups and downs, and by understanding your customer’s point of view. It allows us to reorganize existing products and services, and develop new experiences that will help build lasting relationships with your customers.

Tino Chow