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Repositioning and rebranding a decade-old non-profit for their next decade of growth.

We rebranded Beautiful Day, a refugee job training non-profit, by collaborating with their community to become a regional program and a national brand in the next decade.


Renaming, rebranding, and repositioning an organization well-loved and recognized by the community. We had to consider existing stakeholders and supporters in our process.


Renaming a well-loved brand takes time – a lot of time. We rebranded Beautiful Day 3 years ago and they sometimes have to remind people of their old name. A clear brand transition strategy and a unified voice helped existing customers adapt to the change while helping win new ones.


An ongoing collaborative design and development journey that included stakeholders and the community. This approach is a highly effective way of getting buy in from key constituencies.



A brand by the community, for the community.

At Giant Shoulders, we never see our work as more important than our client. To us, the process is as important as the final product. It is an opportunity to build deep relationships — with the client, the client with their community, and the client with their brand.

Beautiful Day had outgrown their original name ‘Providence Granola Project’, and have expanded well beyond Providence, and just making granola. The organization had matured from a humble side project to a community institution. The name “Beautiful Day” was born out of the founder’s love for U2. The name represents the unwavering hope that refugees seek and a community that is ready to help them find it.

The biggest challenge was developing a strategy to transition from the old name and brand to the new. They had been known by their original name for almost a decade, and it was sure to be missed. The only way to successfully navigate the transition was to involve the community and enlist their help in co-creating the new brand. We invited refugees, board members, and the community to participate in our process. Through collaborative sessions, we distilled their promise and developed their brand voice.



Standing out from the crowd through design.

When we rebranded Beautiful Day in 2016, they only offered bags of loose granola with limited local distribution. Over the next couple of years, they expanded their distribution and introduced granola bars and coffee, which has helped them find a larger market and mainstream following.

In order to support their growing retail pressnce, we evolved the packaging design to differentiate the product on the shelf through its unique brand story. Their products can now be found in stores across the country.



Harnessing the power of storytelling to bring the community closer.

At the core of Beautiful Day are strong bonds and relationships. People are at the core of any brand, within the organization and the community surrounding it. Beautiful Day runs several events a year, bringing refugees and neighbors together to share stories over healthy food.

As Beautiful Day grew, the number of events increased as well. In 2019, they’ll be launching their first major event, gathering 300 people for their first storytelling event, “Journeys of Hope.”



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Tino Chow / Strategy
Pramod Maharana / Brand Design
Will Denton / Design
Shreedavy Babuji / Copy
Allison Bebee / Project Management