Disruptive technology cannot succeed without disruptive ways of distribution.

SpringTide helps transformative technology companies identify and attract the right customers and then focus on building long-term relationships rather than individual transactions. Having experienced the gap between technology and the market in med tech startups, Austin Walters founded SpringTide to disrupt how they think about going to market. 

Giant Shoulders will be partnering with SpringTide to help their clients clarify their promise and convey it through a combination of marketing technology, writing, and design.

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The SpringTide visual brand is simple and direct, reflecting the spirit of entrepreneurship. The straightforward logotype is lifted up by tide of sea green. The illustrations build on the nautical theme inspired by the name.

Our team and SpringTide came into the Giant Shoulders MVB process with the same mindset — to be open to change, to not hold our ideas too closely, and to remember that this is only the first iteration. Our process guided the client through articulating their values and distilling the promise. At our brand workshop, we collaborated to express the promise through defining the brand voice and visual identity.