How do we help a well-loved decade old non-profit change their name and prepare for the decade ahead?

Providence Granola Project outgrew their name. They built a presence outside of the city of Providence, and branched out to different products. It was time for a new name.

The name “Beautiful Day” was born out of the founder’s love for U2. The name represents the unwavering hope that refugees seek and a community that is ready to help them find it.

The brand we created reflects the vision for their next phase of growth: to become a regional program and a national brand. The brand mark and colors were designed to catch your attention in a busy grocery aisle, while remaining scalable online and in digital marketing.

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A story told by the Beautiful Day community became a brand for the greater community.

At Giant Shoulders, we never see our work as more important than our client. To us, the process is as important as the final product. It is an opportunity to build deep relationships — with the client, the client with their community, and the client with their brand.

Early in the rebranding process, we discovered that community is central to everything that Beautiful Day believes in and how they function. The only way to tell their story was to involve the community and develop a brand that belongs to them.

We created a series of workshops and Beautiful Day invited refugees, board members, and the community to participate in our process. Through these collaborative sessions, we distilled the promise, developed their brand voice, and designed labels and packaging.