Brand Strategy and Design firm

We believe that a brand is a promise made, a product is a promise kept, and marketing is a promise shared. We believe these are all one experience.

We are in the business of helping entrepreneurs discover and distill their promise. We partner with these innovators to design and deliver a unified experience.

We believe that design is the solution to a good challenge—that designers are problems solvers, and that design is born of strategic thought and innovative implementation.

We are in the business of delivering impact at the intersection of innovation and design.



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We partner with innovators to tell the story of who they are and craft what they offer into a cohesive digital experience.


We dream strategically

We dream big, but always tethered to reality. We believe that design is not a skillset, but a mindset that brings knowledge and imagination together to pave the way for new possibilities. 

We co-labor purposefully

Collaboration is the only way we work. Through workshops we establish a think-different mindset and create space to work through challenges and develop great ideas.

We create minimum-viably

We think big, but always start small. We believe that ideas have no power outside of execution. Whether you are a startup or an established company, we help you take the first step.


Consumer Experience
Brand Strategy
Digital Product Strategy
Communication Strategy

Minimum Viable Brand
Digital Interface: UI/UX
Marketing Collateral
Packaging Design
Web Design + Development



Tino Chow

PRINCIPAL: RISD (ID) / Mayo Clinic / GE Health / Proctor & Gamble / Havas PR / Marketwired / Sysomos

On Creativity and Collaboration – American Craft Council conference

Tino Chow founded Giant Shoulders because he believes that creativity and collaboration can disrupt the status quo for the better. He believes that creating things together is never a straight-line process: it twists and turns, shapes and changes, frustrates and inspires, but the synergy of collaboration multiplies productivity in a way that far surpasses what each of us can do alone. Tino spent a large part of his career building creative cultures and leading collaborative teams at agencies in New York and startups in Silicon Valley.

Before design, Tino served as an officer in the Singapore military. He then attended Rhode Island School of Design, where he co-founded a conference called Better World by Design, and went on to be selected as a TED Fellow. Tino also rode across the country on a bicycle for affordable housing, and occasionally you’ll find him speaking at conferences and schools.

Eric Army

PARTNER, OPERATIONS: Studio Meja / Providence G / AAA Northeast / The Montessori School of Rhode Island

Lauren Sun

DESIGN: RISD (GD) / Pentagram / GE / Brooklyn Brothers / New Era Cap Co.

James Lavine

DESIGN: RISD (GD) / The Smithsonian Institute / RISD / Ximedica

Alison Bebee

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Ocean Spray / City of Providence

Barbara Barry

ADVISOR: Mayo Clinic / One Laptop Per Child / MIT Media Lab

David Barnum

ADVISOR: TED Conference / Emergent / Hughes Corporation

& Co.

MynaBay (iOS + Android Development)
Pramod Maharana (Design)
Will Denton (Design)
Shreedavy Babuji (Copy)
Evan Crockett (Copy)